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Public Workshops

Check out the latest flower workshops hosted by Blossom & Tied, a studio florist based in Staffordshire.

At Blossom & Tied, I believe there's nothing better than getting creative, learning new skills and meeting new people, and if you've clicked on this page, I'm guessing you feel the same!

Take a browse of what's on offer below and I hope to see you at one of my workshops soon! 

The Flower Social
Come get social with friends and flowers. Blossom & Tied’s public workshops are held throughout the year in some of Staffordshire’s coolest venues. A great way to get creative and meet fellow flower lovers, The Flower Social is one of my favourite events to hold!

Latest Dates...

Sunday 15th September: Terrarium Workshop
Using a range of succulents and cacti, you’ll be creating your own mini-landscape inside of a glass terrarium. The workshop is taking place on Sunday 15th September at my favourite studio Pretty Pots.

Tickets are available from Pretty Pots, are priced at £38 and include a hot drink and cake. Come join me!🏜️💚🌵